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Rummikub Original 6 Players, Multi-Colour




The most famous series and trios game in the world, now special for 6 players to play. With 52 additional tiles and 2 more jokers than the classic version. Includes 6 stands in total. The famous numbers game for all ages. A rummiku for life, it is a classic and that is why quality is important, that the chips last forever, that the colors stand out and do not fade; That is the challenge of its inventor and the goal of Goliath. Original Rummiku is the authentic, the first and the best rummiku to start or give to your friends and make them fans of the funniest numbers game. Playing is very simple, you take a group of chips, depending on the players that participate, and it is about making groups of numbers, either a group of the same number but with a different color, or consecutive numbers but of the same color, which in the cards are known as three of a kind or straights.


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